Thursday, May 19, 2011

About Sabah

Basic Information:

- Sabah is located near the northern portion of the island of Borneo

- It's Capital is Kota Kinabalu (aka, border of Kalimantan, Indonesia).

- also known as 沙巴 or The land below the wind

- Sabah is the second largest state in the country.

- There are also a total of 23 districts in Sabah.

- Has a population of 3,120,040 [as of 2010]

- Cities in the are includes Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tanwu, Lahad Datu, Keningau, Semporna and Kudat; being ranked from highest population to lowest.

- Sabah has a size of 73,619 square kilometers

- The western part of Sabah is generally mountainous. (eg. Mount Kinabalu, Mount Tambuyukon, Mount Trus Madi)

- Sabah’s economy is dependent on lumber, rubber, cacao and tourism.

-The temperature in Sabah is 25-33 degree.

Sabah weather:

- The climate throughout all of Sabah is considered equatorial (temperatures never get extremely hot, nor do they get extremely cold)

- The climatic conditions are different in areas such as the highlands when compared to costal areas.

- The hottest time of the year is between May and September

- Humidity is fairly high year round.

- Main factor to consider when planning a trip to Sabah is the season. (Only two seasons are distinguishable, which are rainy and dry)

- The rainy season in most of Sabah is from October to February.

-The rest of the year is considered the dry season.

Mout Kinabalu:

- It is the ranked 20 as one of the most prominent peak.

- 4095 meters high.

- Not the highest mountain in southeast asia

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