Thursday, May 19, 2011

Energy Conservation


Why Conserve the Environment?

There are so many reasons. The earth has finite resources and these resources are often exploited for short term profit gain while the natural areas that were destroyed in order to mine the resource are lost forever. 

Impact if we don not Conserve the Environment

The whole world is one big ecosytem, so destroying one part of it will have an impact on another part. For example the extinction of a bird which eats mosquitoes could result in an increase in malaria. So we are effected as well if nature is destroyed. We need trees to convert Co2 into oxygen.

Many wildlife need certain habitats in order to survive and will or have become extinct if their habitats are destroyed. So protecting natural areas helps maintain the biodiversity of plants and animals. There is a certain tree in India which has not germinated in 300 years. It is thought that the seeds of this tree needed to be ingested by the dodo which has been extinct from approximately the same time this tree stopped flowering.

Sea levels will rise, causing a decrease in land which is covered by water and the food production will drop drastically when lands being used to plant crops are flooded.


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