Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reflection (Character Attributes - Leadership and Trust) on Hike from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to McRitchie Resevoir (20110514)

For those who are holding the cards on Leadership and trust, copy the quote that is most meaningful to you and explain why. Substantiate it with something that you had experienced, felt, observed, heard during the hike.


  1. "Give leadership... Get dedication."

    This quote is very meaningful to me as I have been a leader many times and not just at bukit timah nature reserve and I have experienced what the quote has mentioned in my many occasions as a leader.

    At bukit timah nature reserve, my experience as a leader was when
    Mr Lam gave us a situation. There was a landslide blocking our route and there was an air raid coming our way in 15 minutes and we had to get to our destination in order to be safe. I had a very hard time thinking of a solution to get to our nest destination as we completed three-quarters of the journey and there was no time to make a detour.

    Someone suggested that we should climb the hill and bash through the greens of the reserve in order to get to our next destination. I felt that this idea was a very crazy idea but I still brought up the idea to the team. I explained that even though that idea was very risky, as the greens of the reserve was thick and dangerous, it was the fastest way to get to our next destination.

    I expected the response to be very negative and bad but it turned put otherwise. I expected the team to comment that the idea was crazy and it could not be done! Instead, almost the whole team agreed and wanted to climb the hill and bash through the thick bushes of the reserve. So, we climbed.

    As we were climbed, I observed that the team was very dedicated to the climb. We climbed tirelessly and we did not really complain. I even felt that we were having fun! I was touched as I observed the team climb. I did not know that they were so willing to climb and bash through the hills and the thick bushes.

    Also, when we experienced a very steep rock or ground that we needed to overcome, I would always see my stronger teammates who had already overcome the steep obstacle helping those who needed help to get up, including me! I was touched by this act and I felt that my leadership had paid off.

  2. "A leader knows the way,goes the way and shows the way"
    I think that a leader should know the way as without knowing the way,he/she would not be able to lead us.A leader should also show the way;as in share his/her knowledge and show to his/her followers.During the trail at Bukit Timah,we had to choose leaders ourselves.I think that the leaders carried out their duties efficiently as they took the risks of going first and trying out the terrain before anyone else could or had.I think that that was very touching as they had taken the initiative to help out the other team members.


    The quote most meaningful to me is 'The only real training for leadership is leadership'.
    by Antony Jay,Author.

    I think it is meaningful because to have leadership qualities,and train to be a good leader.The only thing we can do is be a leader.

    Everyone had a chance to be a leader when we went to Bukit Timah.I was a leader at the last part where we have to guild the group to the final destination.We have to decided on the direction to go based on one map which does not show as the exact location.As most of us were already tired,we have to make sure everyone walked quickly and together to make sure we reach venus carpark by 5pm.So as one of the leader I must walked a bit faster,and once I hear people saying they are tired i will slow down a little.

    Hence the only training for leadership is to be a leader.


    The most meaningful quote is 'You may be deceived if you trust to much ,but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough.'

    This quote is very meaningful to me especially during the 'situation 'we have been given.We have to put in trust in our team mates .For example the first situation is the land slide,we have to trust our friends not to leave us behind and wait for each other before moving on.we also have to trust our friends to not drop us when we were climbing the wall and over the fence.

    Hence trust in this case is very important.If we dont trust each other ,we will suffer during this hike

  4. "I trust that everything happens for a reason, even when we are not wise enough to see it"- Oprah Winfrey
    Ii think this quote is the most meaningful as everything does happen for a reason. Even if we do not know why it happened. There would still be a meaning behind why it happened.
    Mr Lam made the decision to let us climb up the side of the hill when Imanni suggested it, during the first 'situation' , i think he did that as he was very sure of us not being in danger, he was sure that we would trust our other friends and he wanted us to train for the climb at Mount Kinabalu.