Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enoch Yang Sheng Xun-Thoughts and feelings before the trip


  1. You had definitely passed the tests with flying colours. When I said "tests", it were not just physical and mental endurance tests, it is the tests of C.A.R.E.S. Continue to pick up opportunities to develop yourself further especially in the area of leadership as you had shown much potential. By the way, my apologies for being so intentionally sarcastic in answering your 2 questions which I think also lead you into disbelieving me when I said we had to walk back to the hotel from Suria Subah...haha...Got you there! Sometimes it is good to trust the instruction especially when there was no reason to lie and not raise doubts because of personal assumptions and perceptions. Congrats on your successful climb and may you meet every challenge in life with the same attitude, fortitude, thoughtful analysis and considerations.

  2. Yes! Surely I doubted you after you responded sarcastically to my two questions but I should have trusted you when you told us to walk back to Shangri-La from Suria Sabah. My apologies.

    I will try to improve myself and develop my leadership skills and be a better leader next time given a chance.

    I will take note of whatever you have said in your post and use them to improve myself and to become a better leader and person and to pass the physical, mental and the test of C.A.R.E.S with greater standards.