Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reflection (Character Attributes - Positive Attitude and Helpfulness) on Hike from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to McRitchie Resevoir (20110514)

For those who are holding the cards on Positive Attitude and Helpfulness, copy the quote that is most meaningful to you and explain why. Substantiate it with something that you had experienced, felt, observed, heard during the hike.


  1. "Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character." I think that it is the most meaningful to me as if the character becomes weak due to his/her attitude, he/she will be a burden to the whole team. During the training hike, I realised that most or everybody kept their spirits high and did not give up although the situations were almost impossible to overcome.

  2. "The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter their life by altering their attitude."
    -William James(1842-1910), American Psychologist

    I find this quote very true and I feel that this quote is all about psychology. A positive atitude is important if we want to overcome problems and obstacles. In order to have a positive attitude to overcome problems and obstacles faced in front of us, we must "psycho" ourselves and tell ourselves that we are able to complete and overcome the obstacle and problem. We must tell ourselves that nothing can stand in our way in order to have a positive spirit and convince ourselves that we can overcome the problem that we are facing.

    During the hike at bukit timah nature reserve, we were faced with a situation. We were supposed to cross a metal barrier that was electrically charged and we were not supposed to touch the metal barrier. All went well as we were transferring, carrying and throwing people over the metal barrier, just that we spent quite an amount of time deciding on how to transport the people from the side of the barrier we were on to the other side of the barrier.

    The problem came when we were left with the last person. In the end, me and Edwin had to go over to help him as we were smaller and lighter and it was easier for us to get over if we were alone. After carrying the 'last' guy over, me and edwin were the only ones left. After serious thinking, Edwin helped me over with the help of other people on the other side of the barrier. Now, we had to think of a way to help Edwin over. After a long while of concentration, we thought of a plan. Edwin had to jump as high as he could and grab onto two of the tallest teammates's shoulders go give him a boost. In the end, he managed to jumped over.

    I thought that it was our positive attitude that kept us going to think of new ideas to help each teammate over. If we did not have a positive attitude, we would just have given up and not be able to complete the task and obstacle. If we said to ourselves:"It is impossible to get Edwin over", we would never have gotten Edwin over. But if we thought:"It is possible to get Edwin over! Lets try one more time!" we may have succeeded, just as we did.

  3. "Ability is what you're capable of doing.Motivation determines what you do.Attitude determines how well you do it."
    -Lou Holtz
    I find this quote very meaningful as we already know what we want to do;and are capable of doing which is to climb Mount Kinabalu.To finish the task successfully,we have to be able to get the right motivations;to encourage our friends around us,and have the right attitude to do it well.We had some problems in the first half of the trek as we were given a situation on the land slide.We were sure we had the ability to do it,and our 3 team leaders gave us the motivation to do it.Despite a few comments which were not so motivational,we still had the right attitude to reach the destination and we reached it successfully and had carried out the plan efficiently.

  4. Positive Atitude:
    "Why are we the masters of our fate, the captain of our souls? Because we have the power to control our thoughts and our atitudes. That is why many people live in the withering negative world. That is why many people live in the positive atitude world. And you don't have to be a poet or a philosopher to know which is best." Alfred A. Montapert, Author

    I think that this quote is the most meaningful one as it says that we are able to change our thoughts and therefore our atitudes. Changing our atitudes can mean that we can be positive or negative atitudesif we want to and we have the ability to. An example can be being able to finish the hike. I think that everyone in the group have quite a positive atitude (I think that they say that they are negative because they are too humble or smth.) as being able to finish the hike is actually a quite amazing thing and without this positive atitude I think that we would not be able to finish the hike especially for Godfrey as he was not feeling well (stomachache) and his knees were hurting and he still managed to finish the hike. I also think that our group being able to not give up and try our best to complete/ solve the task/ situation also can prove that we have a very positive atitude.

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  6. Helpfulness

    "Be helpful. What counts a great deal in life is what we do for others" - Anonymous

    I agree with this quote as one single help from others, is a great deal to another. The world is selfish, as we all know it at times. People only know how to care for themselves and not others. In order to meet someone who has the initiative to help is rare. They might appear to be your best friends, but when the time comes, they would just desert you and let you suffer.

    When I was younger, I thought I had two very good friends by my side. But time came to realize that, they were not as good as I thought. Whenever I needed help, they would give some reasons in order to excuse themselves. Thankfully, there were some other friends of mine, willingly helped me through thick and thin. I am really grateful to those extra helping hands that changed my life.

  7. Helpfulness-

    He that won't be counseled can't be helped
    ~ Benjamin Franklin

    I think this quote makes a lot of sense.This simply means that give help and take help back.On our Hike from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to McRitchie Resevoir, there were many situations that we needed help from our friends.If we were complacent and did not help our friends they will not help will not help us. In a situation when there were landmines we needed each others back to get through the situation and if it weren't for our friends we would definitely had not climbed the wall by ourselves.

    Similarly on our trip to mount Kinabalu, we should always help each other when they need they. We should also improve our teamwork. Though there is not much time we should just try to work as a team and i really hope that 100% of us can reach the summit of mount Kinabalu and set a record making us proud of ourselves and our school.