Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reflection (Learning) on Hike from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to McRitchie Resevoir (20110514)

Name 3 things you had learned about adventure. Based on your personal understanding of adventure, write a statement about adventure (not more than 15 words) and then create a metaphor to signify what adventure is to you. Eg. Understanding: Adventure is going beyond one's perceived limits to overcome the challenges. Metaphor: Adventure is like Apollo 11 which landed on the moon in 1969, making going to the moon impossible possible.


  1. I learnt that adventure requires a challenge, thrill and teamwork. Adventure needs challenge, requiring teamwork for thrill.

  2. I have understood that in adventure comes risk before succeeding.
    "In Adventure we have to take risk, if not we risk not succeeding"~ME

  3. I learnt that adventure consist not only of fun and challenge but of thrill, teamwork and most importantly risk.

  4. I have learnt that in an adventure, we should have perseverance, trust and teamwork
    "In an adventure, your team is your wings and your are the bee. You can only fly with your team."

    By the way the example given is a simile not a I did a metaphor.

  5. Understanding: Adventure is full of risks which makes it everything exciting.
    Metaphor: Adventure is like rafting down a Lever 5 river when it is fast and dangerous.

    Understanding: Adventure is full of challenges we have to overcome.
    Metaphor: Adventure is like working hard to pass an 'A' Level Examination, and have a sense of achievement after what we have been through.

    Understanding: Adventures are thrilling that makes people determined to complete them.
    Metaphor: Adventure is like having the determination to jump over a high jump bar that is taller than you.

  6. With adventure comes a challenge.Without a challenge in anything,it is not even an adventure.

  7. I learn that an adventure comes with a challenge,we must have trust and determination.

    'Adventure is surely impossible without trust teamwork and determination.'

  8. I learn that adventure will always have risk and to reduce this factor of risk we need to take precaution and listen to the leaders and i also lean that we need teamwork to accomplish an adventure as we will have friends to cheer us up when we are down and we also need trust to complete it as if there is no trust we can never get over those obstacles that require teamwork.